Individual Yoga -

Individual Yoga

One-on-one session are completely tailored to you and your individual needs.

There are many reasons students seek one-on-one instruction:

  • focused postures for body strain or injuries
  • develop a meditation practice
  • more pranayama/breathing practice
  • relieve pressure that big classes may induce
  • learn to modify or improve a particular posture or sequence
  • more convenient for a busy schedule
  • develop a personal or home practice
  • develop a sleep routine
  • relieve symptoms of anxiety and/or depression

One-on-one sessions are $125/hour or buy 5 session package for $550

One-on-two sessions are available for an additional $15 or 5 sessions for $625

Small Group Yoga

Bring yoga to your next special event, whether you’d like to host a girls’ night, a bachelorette party, a basement session or a group class in your yard for just you and a group of friends. I will work with you to provide a class tailored to your groups specific abilities, needs and comfort level in a more intimate setting. All levels welcome. You provide the place; I provide the yoga.

Prices start out at $100 for up to 10 students.

Contact me for pricing for more than 10.

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Workplace Yoga - PureENV

Workplace Yoga

Bring mindfulness and movement to your company and see your employees renewed sense of engagement in their work, improve productivity and enhance mental clarity.

When we take the time to connect the body and mind, we can counteract the stress of the work day, especially if our work keeps us sitting for long hours, and we can learn techniques to get us through more difficult situations.

Benefits of yoga at work:

  • enhanced employee attitude and outlook
  • increased productivity
  • improved concentration and decision-making skills
  • learn how to remain calm in stressful and demanding situations
  • decline in stress
  • enhances collaboration and teamwork

I offer workplace yoga designed for your specific needs at a time that works best for you. I find it works best to offer yoga in “terms”, but the length of the term is up to you: 4, 6, 8, 10 weeks, for example.

Price is $150/hour


As a Holy Fire Reiki Master, I can provide distance reiki for help with reducing stress, tension and pain in the body due to blocked energy centers in the body.

Reiki provides a pathway for allowing the blocked energy to flow once again and assists the body in its natural healing process.

$75/session; 3 sessions for $200

Remote Reiki -